Addressing this fifa coin glitch, ABs, and traders

So everyone feels like they have their fifa idea of what is going on and what is legit or not. 

There is a TL DR at the bottom for the lazy people.


To get started..


There is a HUGE coin glitch which was first started late in FUT 14 near when the WC mode came out as we saw TOTY Ronaldo disappear however it wasn't as wide spread as it is now especially because it was much later in the season it didn't have a huge impact.

I believe the coin glitch started around mid October, what is the coin glitch? To my knowledge it is old gen console that are modded which run a script enabling them to start matches and quit getting the win, so imagine hundreds of D1 offline games played generating in thousands of fifa coins.


How do we combat this?


EA have to either figure the source of the glitch and fix that.

Separate the old gen and new gen markets.

Band-aid fix: Higher card weights on the more expensive players combating inflation (doesn't help INFORMS)


So to break down why there is inflation from this coin glitch.


Imagine a US Economy, standard.. if the government started printing money the value of the money would go down and inflation will occur.


SAME principle here. Coin value has gone down, more people can buy coins at cheaper prices, thus we have the hyperinflation we see now.




ABs are there however they are not the cause or issue of what is going on. So the web app isn't the death of the FUT.. and even without the web app there are bots that still run..


THE ONLY thing that ABs are doing is recycling profit loss by other users and gaining that profit for themselves.. so they aren't generating random sources coins like the fifa 15 coin glitch.


There were AB's last year early on in the game that were rampant but Ronaldo was fairly priced at around 1.9-2m.


Believe it or not.. ABs are actually beneficial to the market as they stabilize market prices.




There is a wide spread belief that if you have tons of coins, you are in fact a COIN BUYER. FALSE. I am not trying to disprove that there are tons of people buying coins but trading and earning coins legit is 100% possible and normal people like yourself could do it as well.


The market has repeated itself for years now, with small factorial changes.


THIS year.. because there is a wide spread coin glitch.. prices inflate rapidly allowing users with tons of coins able to invest into informs and sell @ 100-150% profits within a couple weeks.


I started trading late FUT 13 with a trading legend on this forum who taught me everything I know now.. and just repeated what he taught me.. and I have been successful ever since.


We can get into how I traded into my millions.. I have posted my methods and what I did to achieve what I have now.. and its simple if you are willing to learn and push yourself to do it. Some people here are just lazy and try to disprove anybody who says they trade and have made these coins.


Too Long Didn't Read


Coin glitch is the issue of the massive hyperinflation -> EA need to address.


ABs are not the problem of this inflation, never have been, they actually stabilize prices.


Traders who have millions -> Yes this is possible, thats how I achieved what I have now. Just stop being lazy.