High rated players that are bad in Fifa

They may not be bad for everyone but they are nowhere near their 85+ rating in my opinion


Bastian Schwaistaiger. He is perfect for 45 minutes then his H/H workrates and low pace will make him useless. I played 100 games with him and he was cramping all the time

Iniesta - Who is great player but again I dont think he plays like a 89 rated . Mainly because he is weak and small and slighty slow as CM maybe at Cam he will work better


Falcao - 89 Rated striker who is short kinda slow and not a great dribbler .. No thanks


Nasri- Slow bad finishing maybe he can work as CAM


Xavi- Obvious reasons...


Busquets. His If is decent but he doesnt feel like a 85 rated CDM in my opinion.