Suggestions for Fifa 16



I'm new in here and sure most of these have been proposed before as improvements but I would like to list some things I'd really like to see in the game. Like many of you, I spend lots of hours playing career mode and against the AI, and I often find myself imagining things that don't appear in the game...


Some ideas about what could be done...


EASY & CHEAP improvements


-Sudden weather changes: it would be great if you were playing a winter game and then it started raining, and the commentators said something about it (come on, it can't be that hard to record a comment and script a weather change). On the other hand, also moving clouds on summer matches would really rock.


-More simple but realistic behaviours: what if players from the same country greeted each other at the end of a match? Just like teammates do when they win. I'm not saying they should exchange jerseys, just an animation making you believe they know each other!

Also, it would be nice if players kept on arguing after a goal against, nothing that could interfere with gameplay, just to fill in those gaps where players just walk around.

-Varying participation in games. In career mode, when you are not one of the best in the team, you should sometimes start playing at about min.60, after a partly simulated match. It would sometimes be a real challenge (imagine you are 2 goals behind).




-Last minute equalizers should be celebrated with the manager and substitutes. I understand you EA don't want us to get a closer look on the low-detailed bench, or the generic manager. But come on, there are possible ways to do this without showing the manager for too long.


-Little adaptations for career mode. For example, working on the news about your team/player. I don't expect to see 50 different news about each topic, but maybe 5-8, each one for those iconic moments throughout the player's career, such as "talking to the press after debut" or "young player signs for world class team" with pictures of you behind microphones, or AT LEAST, a photo with the new team's jersey. THAT would rock.