This game has gotten fifa completely stale and the community sucks

Literally every single player that you play on FUT 15 is a sweaty, high pressure, high aggression player. I haven't played FUT in about 3 days, I come on tonight to play a nice and relaxing game in single matches and come across one of the sweatiest teams ever. With TOTS Zette and TOTS Gradel at LF at STR and Clichy, Onouha, Kosielney and Walker on defense. I don't have time for that BS.


And now with TOTS almost being done and the fact that every one is super cheap and pacey as hell, there's practically no point in playing the game because there's zero skill gap in this game. When one through ball from 50 feet from a CB to a STR and cut through 3 defenders and people play ultra defensive, counter attack, there's no point in trying to play the game.


I'll continue to collect all the African IF's this year, but as far as playing the game, I'll just cut that portion out of the game.


The number of exploits each year in Fifa is incredible and EA does nothing throughout the year to fix it. Oh I'm sorry, except make defending completely noob friendly by letting the CPU do it for you.


Hopefully, Fifa 16 lives up to the "beautiful game" that it's supposed to be and tone down all the stupid arcadey-ness in FUT, being able to sprint 90' with every player and having no AI intelligence in the game other than defending (midfielders watching the ball roll right past them, not making runs, defenders pushing forward after a through ball from 60' is placed), not being able to pass the ball properly, grounded through balls from 5' away having too much power or going the wrong direction and sprinting from kick off.