Will Fifa 16 be another trading fiasco?

playing in division 7 i find myself merting opponents with teams worth 3-5 millions. it is hard to find teams without Aguero, Suarez, Neymar, Bale, Messi... this is more the rule than the exception. i play this game everyday and buy few packs here and there. i estimated i need to play 24 hours straight for 452 days to be able to afford two of the above mentioned players. to say this is frustrating is more than rethorical, the game is faulty to its roots, the concept of it completely corrupt (maybe something to do with its name?)..


let me explain this to you fifa developers. you have created a trading game wrapped up as a soccer game. however the trading goes on outside your game. it happens online via coin buying from sponsors. i am sure you knew that, but i am here not to rub that in your face. i like the game and i prefer giving a suggestion rather than ranting about problems.


first, lets understand the overarching issue at hand. the game has the wrong incentives. everyone wants to create a team (ultimate team) with some of the stars, but they are expensive (this is fine) they should be expensive and not available to the many. so what would be the best outcome for a successful game. the more you play, the more you earn, the more likely you are to obtain one of these players (not as a loan that you cant build from). in practice this is very difficult. suppossed you increase the rewards for winning a title or in tournament. the market would price this in and teams worth 3-5 million now would cost 7-9 million. so back to square one.

the solution to eliminate the incentive to buy coins outside the game:


change the reward system. people dont need more money but people love fortune, people love to try their luck. i can give you an example:


win the title for div 10 and get 1000 fifa coins and a gold pack. win the title for div 5 and get 5000 coins and a jumbo pack. win div 1 and get 5 jumbo packs (you can deliver them at once or weekly) plus some simbolic coins (say 10 000) . this will at the least re-direct some of the incentive back to where it needs to be. the market is the market and there is no amount of coins that can fix that. as of now, coin rewards in fifa are worthless. the rewards need to be more tangible. for those who still enjoy playing and refuse to go outside the rules it is imperative you take action. 

looking forward to hear comments